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The symptoms of psoriasis are inflamed, red spots accompanied by severe itching. Such patches (plaques) usually located on the scalp, knees, elbows, lower back and skin folds in the ground. A quarter of patients suffering from nails affection. Depending on the season of relapse (acute disease), there are three types of psoriasis: winter, summer, uncertain. The most common type of psoriasis is winter Psoriasis Revolution.
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Currently, psoriasis is considered as a hereditary multifactorial disease: the basis of the disease is not one but a whole range of reasons – immunological changes, metabolic disorders, endocrine, and neurological disorders. It is possible to say for sure: psoriasis cannot be shared with the touch, and therefore this is not an infectious disease. Causes of Psoriasis Revolution are still not found. Today exist various theories. According to one theory, there are two types of psoriasis. Psoriasis type 1 is caused by inherited breakdowns in the immune system. 65% of all population suffering from this form of psoriasis, at the same time this disease appears at a young age (from 18 until 25 years).
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